Fear Is The Key
Published: 1961


Off the Gulf of Mexico lies a sunken DC-3. Its cargo: millions of dollars in gold ingots and jewels guarded by the remains of two men, one woman and a very small boy.
The fortune is there for the taking, and ready to grab it are a wealthy oilman, a gangster and a psychopathic hired assassin.
Against them stands Talbot, a man out for justice. He will see the dead given a proper burial – but only after he has avenged their murders.

First Edition

Fear Is the Key

Fear Is the Key is a 1961 first-person narrative thriller novel by Scottish author Alistair MacLean.

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Films of Fear Is The Key

1972Fear Is the Key Suitable only for 15 years and over 6.3

Following the death of his family in an aeroplane crash, a man plots an elaborate revenge scheme on those responsible. By setting himself up as a criminal, he plans to get close to a certain tycoon who has been approached by the culprits to help them retrieve the cargo of the lost plane.

103mDirector: Michael TuchnerWriter: Alistair MacLean (novel), Robert Carrington (screenplay)Actors: Barry Newman, Suzy Kendall, John Vernon, Dolph SweetLanguage: EnglishGenre: Action, Crime, DramaFormat: movieUK

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