Puppet On A Chain
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Published: 1969


Paul Sherman of Interpol's Narcotics Bureau flies to Amsterdam on the trail of a dope king.

With enormous skill the atmosphere is built up: Amsterdam with its canals and high houses; stolid police; psychopaths; women in distress and above all – murder.

First Edition

Puppet on a Chain
1969 novel by Alistair MacLean

Puppet on a Chain is a novel by Scottish author Alistair MacLean. Originally published in 1969 with a cover by Norman Weaver, it is set in the late 1960s narcotics underworld of Amsterdam and other locations in the Netherlands.

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Films of Puppet On A Chain

1971Puppet on a Chain Suitable only for 15 years and over 6.0

Following a triple professional hit a U.S. agent arrives in Amsterdam to investigate a heroin smuggling ring. He finds a city rife with drugs and a police force unable or unwilling to do much about it. With his incognito female fellow agent the American is soon stirring things up.

98mDirector: Geoffrey ReeveWriter: Alistair MacLean (screenplay), Paul Wheeler (additional material), Don Sharp (additional material)Actors: Sven-Bertil Taube, Barbara Parkins, Alexander Knox, Patrick AllenLanguage: EnglishGenre: Action, ThrillerFormat: movieUK

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