The Golden Rendezvous
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Published: 1962


Aboard the SS Campari, all is not well.

For Johnny Carter, the Chief Officer, the voyage has already begun badly; but it’s only when the Campari sails that evening, after a succession of delays that he realises something is seriously wrong.

A member of the crew is suddenly missing and the stern-to-stern search only serves to increase tension. Then violence erupts and suddenly the whole ship is in danger. Is the Campari a victim of modern day piracy? And what of the strange cargo hidden below the decks?

First Edition

The Golden Rendezvous

The Golden Rendezvous is a novel written by Scottish author Alistair MacLean, and was first published in 1962. One of MacLean's most popular works, it combines mystery, suspense, action, clever bluffs and double bluffs, with MacLean's trademark self-deprecating wit.

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Films of The Golden Rendezvous

1977Golden Rendezvous Suitable only for 15 years and over 5.7

Aboard the cargo vessel converted into a luxury cruise ship SS Campari somewhere in the Caribbean is lying in port due to a succession of delays. Chief Officer Johnny Carter, who has to put up a moody captain and the unwanted charms of the beautiful young Susan Beresford, realizes these delays are due to sabotage and that there is something seriously wrong. When the Campari finally sails, a member of the crew is suddenly missing. An unsuccessful stem to stem search for the crew member, with violence suddenly erupting endangers the whole ship. The ship is then controlled by a master criminal whose intention is not a simple hijacking and ransoming of the wealthy hostages on board, so what exactly does he have in mind?

101mDirector: Ashley Lazarus, Freddie FrancisWriter: Stanley Price (screenplay), John Gay (screen story)Actors: Richard Harris, Ann Turkel, Gordon Jackson, John VernonLanguage: EnglishGenre: Crime, ThrillerFormat: movie

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